Famous Collections of Friends Apartment

Friends Apartment the Sims 4

Friends Apartment the Sims 4

Friends apartment group is one of the most famous collections in the history of television, especially the Monica Geller apartment with a purple door frame. The decor is cheerful (apart from the white dog), the furniture looks more comfortable, and the spectators leave in the hope that they can move as a seventh. But not all about Monica’s logical apartment, there is something clear in the twilight zone about one of the features – kitchen window.

Monica and Rachel’s friends apartment became the center of the show, and in many ways, mastered the beautiful aesthetics that were common in the 1990s. Although we do not want to change much of the living room with iconic violet walls, we do believe that modern change is regular. To fit the aesthetics of the day, we will keep the walls neutral and bring color through the furnishings instead: a chair in pink and blue drooping appears above the corridor.

Friends apartment is not the only culprits in the crime of direct dominant television, of course, proving that many of the events have got a very wrong living space: Rory’s bedroom in Gilmore Girls is huge and does not contain any symbolic white painted blocks that always seem to be in the bedrooms.

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