Unique Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House

Gooseneck trailer tiny house adds 8-foot section to any trailer size. Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers provide a very stable foundation for towing and carrying capacity. The optional 8ft x 102 roof available in the Gooseneck coupling allows the top surface to be used as a height not higher than the deck. The Gooseneck trailers are […]

Unique Remodeling a Mobile Home into a House

There are many ideas for remodeling a mobile home into a house. Do you want to make a surface or reshape your kitchen cabinet? Maybe you want to repair the bathroom or design the backyard of your dreams? Regardless of the idea of redesign, it is important to plan ahead for specific problems that come […]

Vintage Trailer House Windows

Homeowners replace trailer house windows for the same reason as homeowners: windows are old, leaking, or damaged. But the retrofit of old prefab houses with high-performance windows can make a big difference in household energy consumption. In the last decades or two, the production companies have taken many steps to improve overall efficiency and design […]

Small Apartment Ideas Storage

There are some small apartment ideas to make the small space look bigger than it already is. Many people respond to life in a small space by trying to put everything in. Make sure you use space-size furniture and avoid filling your apartment. Tactically open space can be used to make space look bigger. Use […]

New York Apartments Upper East Side

Staying in New York apartments is one of the privileges that you should give to yourself, because you will not only experience the ease of life but also the drive to realize your dreams in Big Apple City. If you plan to move to New York, or if you’re looking for a good place to […]

Vintage Holiday House Travel Trailer

Holiday house trailer is pulled onto the back of the car on the road to provide a more comfortable sleeping place and protection from the tent. It provides a way for people to have their homes on their way or on vacation, without relying on hotels, and let them stay in places where nothing is […]

Small Modular Pool House

The above ground pool is a nice idea for modular pool house. By offering all the fun and excitement of a private swimming pool without the high cost and immortality of the pool on the ground, the rooftop pool is an exciting choice for many families. With most of the above-ground swimming pools, you can […]

Modular House Plans with Prices

Modular house plans have the potential to be a new leader in the new housing market. The advantage that some home builder units will have more than a traditional type of construction company is the ability to return to infrastructure now and resume production, where other construction companies can be left at the mercy of […]

Unique Modular Ranch House Plans

Through the test of time, modular ranch house plans have evolved since the 1930s, when they first gained popularity, in contemporary, mixed-use homes serving individuals and families of all kinds. While farm homes can be simple or complex in design, they offer unlimited possibilities for customization. Modular ranch house plans offer a classic style that […]

Studio Apartments Size

Studio apartments become an increasingly preferred choice for singles or couples. Studios are usually a one-room apartment with shared living and family areas. It usually has a kitchenette as well as a smaller bathroom location that generally has a bathtub with a shower. Due to the space in these luxury apartments, the studio apartments feature […]